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Santa Fe
The Encounter
Obsolete Walls
The Pathway Home
The Journey
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Chelle Thompson has an extensive background in recovery programs, motivational counseling, psychology, theology and human relations. In Santa Fe, Chelle established a nonprofit personal growth center dedicated to advancing human potential through self-empowerment and now publishes the e-zine Chelle may be reached at

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Santa Fe
The Encounter
Obsolete Walls
The Pathway Home
The Journey
Though the man appeared quite handsome,
With charms none could deny,
It was Spirit bight within him,
The Light that caught my eye.
He didn't know his Essence,
Both magnificent and strong,
Was a treasure earth awaited
In patience for so long.
I sensed his innate power,
Emanating from the Source,
A consciousness awakening
To choose a Divine course.
What quest lay yet before him?
What Idea did he define?
In being all he came to be,
Unique, one of a kind.
Our dance, no matter long or short,
Was scripted to unfold
In the transformation mission
Etched upon our souls.
Immersed in idle words,
we elude the chance to
communicate feeling and thought.
Feelings, tentatively tossed,
can barely scale the walls of
our self-imprisoning fears.
Analytical thought
and a chattering mind can
quell the intuitive Voice within.
As life's engaged to
experience the echo of self,
doors open to who we are.
When we recognize our
divine nature, our spirit
soars over obsolete walls.
Free, then, to love ourselves,
we can lovingly embrace
a world of differences.
Above this state of beingness ...
beyond the dreams foretold,
Lie the meaning of my visit ...
the purpose of my soul.
Is this a solo journey ...
a quest for me alone,
Or shall a partnership Divine ...
pave my pathway Home.
The way is not yet crystallized ...
the form not yet unveiled,
But it is sure that Love is meant ...
to launch this ship I sail.
Love in the past was fleeting ...
each echo there to teach,
It's Love in Universal Breadth ...
that I came here to reach.
Since I have now veered Homeward ...
with steps more swift and clear,
Love's pure song through Spirit ...
My heart can long last hear.

First came the inventory years ... taking everyone else's,
While fearfully ensconced in those walls of 'perfection;'
An undesired desired destiny of repetitive lesson sparked
The faintest Light of Dawn, and I finally focused on me.
I confronted childhood issues, releasing my anger and pain;
Adult lessons continued, happily they were different this time;
With each new challenge I came closer to the Truth,
And intuitively battled to free my path of detours.
There were no wrong directions ... just longer paths;
Everything was a gift that led me towards Awareness;
I learned my emptiness wasn't fillable externally,
It had to be filled with ME  seemed simple, but how?
Then came the Light:  I was ALREADY complete, for
It's our Divine Nature that makes our 'cup runneth over.'
Oneness was my quest when I stepped into this lifetime,
And my Opportunity to aspire?  A childhood called 'dysfunction.'
                        SANTA FE

Snow fell on the adobe, the air was chilled with frost,
I'd made the trek to Santa Fe, abandoning all cost.
It wasn't due to boredom or discontent I'd gone,
'Twas spiritual evolvement, a purpose yet undone.

Why I'd quit my bubble of security and friends
Was a matter of intention, to inspire a Cosmic Spin.
My head succumbed to heart-sense as I shifted into Soul,
Creating the allowance in which miracles unfold.

Gifts showed up at every turn, the picture became clear,                     
Pieces slipped in place with ease, I only had to "hear"'                                   
The choice to step out fearlessly and trust the Truth that IS,         
Encouraged and impelled me to keep following my Bliss.

Enroute I faced a snowstorm, another chance to know                                           
That fear is but illusion, we're safe within the Flow;                                               
As I surrendered and released, inner peace returned,                                        
Spirit took the wheel again ... the metaphor re-learned.

When I arrived in Santa Fe, I felt embraced yet free,
Surrounded by an atmosphere of sacred energy.
Artistic in its beauty, historic in its span,
A consciousness of Oneness to perpetuate The Plan.

Two weeks in town I asked myself, "Why haven't I done more?"
The Voice Within reminded me what I'd moved here for;
My worth lies not in doing it's BEING that's my task,
Bringing in the Light We Are is why we're on The Path.

At first the nights were lonely, a time to be with me,                                            
The Essence of my spirit was bursting from its seed;                                        
The stars seemed so much brighter, a kinship and a bond,                                    
A link in space to all I AM ... and destinies beyond.

Magical occurrences enraptured and amazed,                                                      
I never knew the outcome until I turned the page;                                                
No predicting and dissecting details by degree,                                                
My focus now was centered, revealing Me to me.
Days of insight brought me keys for opening up my heart;
Unlocking portals in the walls that kept me set apart.
Distance is still distance when I give but don't receive,
Separation's not the answer, it's VULNERABILITY.
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